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hola my babies.

god it’s been so long. as i progressively grew to know tay as a person more and she became familiar with my face and story it got harder and harder to play her. i think i lost my tay muse a long time ago.

i can’t say how much fun i’ve had in arms race. this has been one of the best communities i’ve ever found myself in on tumblr and wowie wow wow i miss everyone a lot. i don’t even know who will see this. but if you do, thank you.

i think it’s time to accept the fact that this blog needs to go quiet for good, and officially, instead of a “is she ever coming back?” sort of thing, you know. so this is me retiring my tay. she was wonderful and complicated and the best version of tay i’ve ever played. watic is moving onto things that this tay doesn’t need anymore and it’s time for me to let her go.

should you wish to contact me, my tumblr is here. just send me a message that it’s you and i’ll follow back immediately.

best wishes, friends. i’ve loved it here so much. <3




and finally, this doesn’t even begin to display the gross amount of money my husband spent on me (i told him not to!) but this is my favorite. so much love. merry christmas, loves.

for my other boy, i think i did a damn good job. i probably won’t be hearing from him until next christmas.

he absolutely HATED getting his picture with santa, though he didn’t hate him so much when he came downstairs to the goodies under the tree this morning! can’t believe this is my big boy’s second christmas. maybe next year he’ll actually like getting his picture with santa.

missed wishing you all a merry christmas on my time by 37 minutes, drat! gonna post a few things now, it’s been a wonderful day and i hope you all had rad twix bar days too.

hey look, we put out a new song today! the response from the fans was amazing and we put it up on itunes a week early. super proud of our sophomore album and this one is definitely a fun one. hope y’all like it, we’ve put everything into this record.

finally, a finished product from all this model shit that i’m crap at. well?

i feel so fancy. since when am i important enough to do cool shit like this?


also my kid is one. that’s a thing.

i’m so old.

#is it time to have another yet?!

oh lord help me

doin’ that photoshoot thing

tom won’t stop babbling from behind the scenes, i think i have a little vocalist on my hands.